The Doctrine Debate


Here is a post by one of my friends: Calvinism & Alternative Ideas

Now, while we don’t agree on the subject of election and freewill, and we know that we will not agree, we still argue about it.  I find that pointless!  Why are we arguing about something that we will never agree on?  I personally think it’s because we are both stubborn human beings who like to be right.

I have that Christians make a huge deal over the freewill/election debate, but I do not believe that it should split congregations.  Yes, how you believe that you came to salvation does somewhat affect your view of God and the role of the church, but I do not think that the issue is big enough to create conflict in churches.  It is like in 1 Corinthians, where Paul is rebuking the church for dividing because the people are arguing over whether Paul or Apollos is better.

Please Christians, encourage each one another and build each other up!


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