Pre-break Vacation


This past weekend, I went to Michigan with seven of my best friends.  It was a great time of friendship building, as well as fellowship.

One of my friends recently turned sixteen, and for his birthday, he wanted to go to a beach on Lake Michigan.  He couldn’t figure out a weekend that all his friends could go, so it never got planned.  Because his mom wanted him to have an awesome birthday, she planned him a surprise party.  On Saturday morning, me and five of my other friends went to this friends house and surprised him.  We drove up to Michigan in my friends big, green van.

It was a road trip like any others with a bunch of teenagers, full of singing, laughing, and teasing.  We arrived at the beach around noon.  After eating lunch, we changed into our swimsuits and tested the water.  It was cold.  Not unheated pool cold, just melted snow cold.  Numb your body cold.  Needless to say, those who splashed others were not looked upon with favor.  Despite the cold, we did have fun.  We didn’t stay in the water long.  We went to the volleyball nets and played nuke’em, a fun game which I would basically describe as volleyball for those who can’t play volleyball.

After a while, we decided to explore the town and find an ice cream shop.  Thus, we walked through the town and found a charming little place with delicious ice cream.  Most of us being teenagers without jobs, only three of us got ice cream.  I got pumpkin pie ice cream, which I shared with one of the girls.  We took selfies like any normal teenagers outside the shop while we waited for one of the guys to buy ice cream.

Before dinner, we decided to go out on this long pier and take pictures.  We walked out onto the pier until we could take pictures with a light house and the rippling water in the background.  The birthday boy got pictures with everyone, we took a couple great group photos, and a few other pictures.  That was a lot of fun.  My favorite picture was one of all the guys doing superman poses in the light of setting sun.

After dinner, we got to see one of the most beautiful sunsets I have seen this year.  The colors started out pink gold and faded to purples and reds.  The sun was beautifully reflected in the calm waters of the lake.  I actually have a picture of one of the stages of the sunset, which is pictured above.

Overall, it was a great time to slow down and enjoy the life that we have been given.  I loved being with my friends, and I loved contributing to an amazing surprise for a good friend.  I’m glad for those days, they are truly a blessing from the Lord.  One of the greatest gifts God has given man is friendship.  This was a great way to enjoy this gift.


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