Save Your Christmas Music


The other day, I was hanging out with a group of friends, painting sets for our schools drama club. Well, we were listening to a random shuffle of music on my friend’s ipod, when a Christmas song came on.

Don’t get me wrong, I love the Christmas season, the songs, the celebration of Christ, the presents, the family time, even the Starbuck’s drinks, but I am a firm believer that all those precious things should be saved for the Christmas season.  My definition of the Christmas season is Black Friday to December 29, anytime outside of that cannot be touched by the holiday.  Thus, when this Christmas song blasted from my friend’s ipod, all merry and cheer, I loudly requested that the song be changed.

At that point in this little drama, the group split into two factions, those who sing Christmas tunes all year long, and those who hold the Christmas season as the sacred bearer of carols.  I was part of the latter faction, and I have very good reasons as to why.

First, no other holiday gets as much hype as Christmas, its not really fair, especially for Thanksgiving, which was my favorite holiday for years, not just because of the food.  (Fun fact: the song “Sleigh Ride,” was originally written for Thanksgiving, but Christmas stole it.)  Christmas is great, we celebrate God coming to earth in flesh to save the world, but seriously?  Easter is better than Christmas, as it is the fulfillment of that Christmas joy and celebrates life anew.

Moreover, singing Christmas music in the off season is like eating pizza every night for a week straight, it gets old.  In my opinion, Christmas music and pizza are treats which should be saved for special times.  Overplaying such a treasure causes it to lose its value, it becomes more ordinary.

This is just my opinion, as much as I love Christmas, I do not want to overindulge in the joy of the season.  That makes the joy too ordinary, and I would rather keep it fresh every year.  Think me not a Scrooge, but instead a protector of Christmas spirit.


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