Back to School Blues


bored kid at schoolI just got home from a great vacation in Florida, only to realize that I have about a week until school starts back up.  A couple weeks ago I was excited to get back to school, see my friends, and get back to a schedule.  This is not unusual for me since for all my school-age life, with the exception of last year, I have been pretty excited to go back to school.  Yes, I am that kid, the one who has something good to say about every class and every teacher.  This year however, will be different.

I decided I would not worry about looking at my class schedule, assignments, etc until today because I wanted to let myself enjoy my break as long as possible.  This morning, I got my laptop out, got on my school website, and realized that I have an assignment due the second day of class.  Yippee skippee.  After going through all my classes’ syllabuses, supply lists, and welcome back letters, I was panicking about all that I have to do this year.

This is the year I enter the upper-classmen stage of highschool, the eleventh grade.  According to Hollywood, this is supposed to be the most glamorous stage of my pre-adult years.  I feel the glamour for sure, like a fifty-pound backpack.  Besides school, I will be teaching a lower-level dance class at my church.  I am excited about it, but also dreading the amount of work that this job will entail on top of my schoolwork.  This is honestly the first time I’ve ever felt the need to really pray about my schoolwork, I typically have it all figured out.

Earlier this summer, at a worship time at my youth pastor’s house, I prayed to surrender all my hopes, dreams, fears, worries, desires, and my future to Jesus.  Right now I’m praying to surrender my school year, that my work will not be done to impress my classmates and teachers or be forced out to scrape for a certain grade, but that my work at home, in school, in youth group, and at dance will be done out of love for God, to reflect His glory.  This is the big picture that I need to keep in mind this year and always.