My Daddy


I wish I had more time to cram all the things in here that I want to, but I only have so much space, time, and continuous thought.

Sixteen years ago, my dad became a father for the first time, I was his baby.  Since, then, my dad has done his best to love me, provide for me, protect me, and be the best dad ever.  With God’s help, he has done an amazing job.

My dad is gentle and kind, he is caring and thoughtful, he is strong yet sensitive, and when he messes up, he apologizes.  He is the spiritual head of our home, and leads us well.  I am very close to my daddy, and still love to give him tackle-hugs and sit on his lap.

I trust my dad, and I know that he wants what is best for me and my siblings.  He has this whole amazing dating plan.  Good luck to the young men who want to date and marry me or my sisters, you have to pass my dad’s inspection first.

To the man who teaches me how to love God, shows me what a godly man looks like, taught me how to throw a football and play baseball, who compliments me on my cooking, and who insists that I look too grown up,  I love you!

Thanks for all the fun, the love, the hugs, the discipline, and the encouragement.  Thanks for being my father and choosing to be a great daddy!