Too Modest?


I once asked a few of my girl friends, “Can you be too modest?”  All the girls agreed that yes, one can be too modest.  They thought that one could be too modest by being covered up from head to toe.  This, they explained, was too modest because at that point a girl is drawing attention to herself, at least in American culture, by being so covered up.  However, by drawing attention to herself, is a girl being truly modest? I disagreed with my friends, I believe that one can never be too modest. defines modesty as, “the quality of being modest; freedom from vanity, boastfulness, etc.”  The definition that I want to focus on is “freedom from vanity.”  True modesty is humility. Typically when people think of modesty, they think about girls who wear full-length, hideous dresses.  This is sad because it distracts from the fact that true modesty is undenyingly beautiful. Modesty is beautiful first in a person’s heart.

The only human being who was truly modest was Jesus Christ, the Son of God.  Though no other human beings are perfect, when a Christian is following hard after Christ, he or she can lose herself and be humble. When that Christ-like humility flows out of one’s heart and into one’s words and actions, people notice.  When a boy or girl talks to others in a humble manner, others are attracted to Christ.  Denying oneself for someone else is another expression of that modesty.

Finally, our clothing should be modest.  If a person is truly humble, he or she will want to glorify God in his or her dress.  This means dressing beautifully and modestly.  Do not sell yourself short, but do not purposely dress to impress either.  Think of your brothers and sisters in Christ when you dress, because honoring Christ should be your first thought and honoring your Christian brothers and sisters your second.

There is my opinion on modesty, hope it made you think!



Time to Talk About Us


Many Christian girls who write blogs like to list husband requirements or encourage the Christian men they see around them. They say things like, “We need more men like you who devote their whole lives to God,” or “I’m glad there are young men like you for girls like us.” The question is, who is “us?”  Are we the girls whose lives are completely devoted to God?  Are we the ones who just really want to marry godly young men?  What kind of attributes do we have?

In order for “us” to find the young men we are looking for, we have to be godly young women.  We must go above and beyond cultural standards.  We should be asking God to constantly refine us until we reflect Christ and no other.  This process is not going to be easy, in fact, it’s going to be very hard.  To push against the culture takes courage.  To submit to God’s will takes humility.  To get through this life takes perseverance.

Through the teaching I have received in young life, the lessons that I have learned, and the knowledge I have acquired, I hope to encourage young women like me.  Girls who want to love Christ, stand out, and impact others.  I definitely do not have all the answers, only God has those, but I have read the Bible and have many godly women in my life.

In the next weeks, I hope to cover topics which concern Biblical womanhood.  These topics would include attitude, modesty, and character, as well as any other issues which concern young women.