A Letter to My Friends


To my good friends,  best friends, and everyone who makes me laugh.

Good friends are the people you can get irritated at and tease and still love.  Good friends are the people you can laugh with at nothing.  You may talk about nothing special, or talk about really deep things.  You just enjoy being around each other.

You can be totally mad at your good friends…until they make you laugh.  You cry with some of them (some of them are too tough) you hug some of them (others find that too weird), but you love all of them.  You would not trade them for anyone else.

All my good friends, we have one thing in common.  We all love Jesus.  He, as well as our friendship, is what binds us together.  He is the glue that holds our broken puzzle pieces together.

This is not the best post I’ve written, nor the most eloquent, but it’s from the heart.  My good friends, you are the ones who encourage me when I’m feeling down, humble me when I’m just too proud, and hang around me even when I’m annoying.  Thank you, I cannot imagine life without you.