My Impression of TBN


For my worldview class, our teacher had us watch one hour of the Trinity Broadcasting Network.  Surprisingly, I had never seen any of the shows on TBN.  I say surprisingly because it is the most watched faith network on television.  As with most Christian movies and television, I had a few presuppositions about the quality of the production and message, and was not disappointed.

What I first saw was a message high on emotionalism, low on scriptural context, with verses about giving scrolling across the bottom of the screen.  The message itself would have been better if it was more about teaching on the blind beggars’ experience with Jesus and less about the prospect of giving to TBN and receiving a reward.  Yes, it is good to give to ministries that help others, such as TBN’s second chance ministry, but was that message necessary?

TBN’s message to me today seemed to say, “give and you will be blessed by God.  Are you getting what you want?  By the way, our mission is to reach everyone on earth with the gospel.”  Now, I do not think that there is anything wrong with wanting to reach the world with the gospel, in fact, I think that it is one of the best things Christians can strive for.  However, I think that the Trinity Broadcasting Network could feature a little bit more meat in their channels.  I watched a message on why I should give to TBN, the history of TBN, the prison ministry of TBN, and heard a couple testimonies about the power of TBN.  TBN really likes itself.  I am sure that everyone who works there also really likes Jesus too.  I am sorry I do not know more about TBN, so my impression may be off quite a bit, but that is what I saw.

It does encourage me that there are people trying to reach the world  through television.  My only request is that those who do really bring hard theology into their messages, teach on apologetics, and encourage people to go out into the world to serve Christ.


You Can’t Deny It


Throughout their lives, many people deny various truths.  They do this because they are uncomfortable with or threatened by the truth.  In the end, it helps no one to deny the truth.

A truth that people have denied throughout the ages is that there is a fundamental problem with them and the world around them, the problem of sin.  Even if they acknowledge this truth, they deny that sin has consequences, or even if they accept this truth, they deny the way to be freed from the consequences of sin.  In short, people deny the gospel.

Men deny the gospel because of their hardened hearts, they do not want to have to admit that they have to rely on a savior, Jesus Christ, for salvation.  This is why, people over the ages have denied that Jesus is truly God.  If Jesus is truly God, then men must acknowledge that they are sinful and that they need the salvation of Jesus.  People just say that Jesus was a good man.  One should automatically know that this statement is false if one knows anything about Jesus or what he said.

Jesus claimed to be God, so he could not simply be a good man.  He was either lying, and was therefore a bad person, not God but believed he was, thus insane, or he was telling the truth.  This is the simple argument put forward by philosopher and apologist C.S. Lewis.

Was Jesus a liar?  Besides claiming that he was God, all of Jesus’ statements have been recognized as truth.  Furthermore, Jesus was a humble and truly good person.  Liars are not humble people, nor are they known for doing good deeds.  What did Jesus have to gain by claiming to be God?  In fact, he made a lot of enemies and was eventually crucified because of this claim.  A wise man would have recognized the consequences of such a claim.

Was Jesus crazy?  Afterall, he claimed to be divine!  Surely that is an insane statement.  However, Jesus showed himself to be wise in his discussions with the Pharisees and Saducees.  He was able to answer every one of their challenges.  Jesus also performed astounding miracles, miracles that would have to come from God when put with such truthful teaching.  Therefore, it does not make sense that Jesus was a lunatic.

In conclusion, one can see that Jesus fit one of three categories, he was either a liar, insane, or God.  As shown above, Jesus was neither a liar nor insane.  Therefore, Jesus must have been and still is God.

“Very truly I tell you,” Jesus answered, “before Abraham was born, I am!” -John 8:58