Sweet Little Things


Children truly are a blessing from the Lord, even if they can be  pains sometimes.  While I have no children of my own, I have so many “little” friends that I love.  I help in my church’s second-grade Sunday school class and every week, some kid makes my day!

Kids say the funniest things, the meanest things, and the sweetest things.  They have so much enthusiasm!  They have the biggest dreams and hopes.  They give love so easily.  I love talking with little kids, hearing what’s on their hearts and what is going on in their world.  No one has made me as happy as a child telling me that I’m beautiful.

Once, I was walking home from the pool with my cousin and he told me, “Emma, you’re my favorite cousin…if somebody saw you, he would love you.”  That made my heart melt, especially since I often struggle with insecurity.  A little girl told me something just as sweet just the other day.  She said that I was fascinating and different from other people.  I knew that she said this as a compliment, since I’ve received many a hug from her.

What I love most about little kids is their fascination with God.  Though they may not be able to comprehend the whole gospel, they understand that God is big and they are small, that they are sinners and that God is good.  They know that Jesus “died on the cross for our sins,” and love singing about how much they love Jesus.  They do not question that God exists, they do not question the fact that he loves them.  Their faith is beautiful.


Groans of the World


Some days, it seems like the world is falling apart.  Friends abandon friends, people change for the worse, bullying happens.  Natural disasters devastate communities.  More than ever, teenagers are falling into depression and committing suicide.  Life hurts.  Some days, we want to ask, “Where is the hope?” 

Since man fell, the world has been deteriorating.  Nations have been built and destroyed.  Lives have been created and lost.  Together, man and nature groans for relief.

Recently, I felt very discouraged with my life and the world.  There were many factors contributing to this.  I was near tears thinking about all that had happened.  Then, I remembered the Bible passage my youth group has been going through this Autumn, Romans 8.  This past Sunday, we studied verses 22 through 25.  It says that creation and we ourselves have been groaning, as though in the pain of childbirth, as we wait for Christ to come back.  When that time comes, our bodies will be fully renewed, and there will be no more pain.  We suffer as we wait, as a mother goes through pain before the joy of seeing her newborn child.

How I wait for the day of Christ, a day when I will fully experience my salvation!  Until then, I hope, and I wait patiently, watching and praying with my brothers and sisters in Christ.

Romans 8:24-25 For in this hope we were saved.  Now hope that is seen is not hope.  For who hopes for what he sees?  But if we hope for what we do not see, we wait for it with patience.