To the Real Men


I was talking with one of my friends recently, and I realized, when she was telling me about some of the boys at her school, how blessed I am.  I have grown up surrounded by men of character, who love the Lord and others.  This post is for you, to recognize you and thank you.  My life would be so different without you, and I do not always realize that fact.

Thank you first to my daddy, who has always treated me like a princess.  You taught me to love God and what a man of God looks like.

Thank you to my brother, who works to grow in his relationship with Christ and encourage his friends to do so.  Thanks for showing me how other young men should treat me.

Thank you to my gradfathers, who have always freely given me their love, time, and energy.  You all demonstrate unconditional love.

Thank you to other male relatives, cousins, uncles, and others who have always treated me with love and kindness.  You have made a difference in my life.  To my young cousins: look to these older men who have walked with the Lord as an example for you.

Also, thank you to my many awesome guy friends.  I don’t always express how much I appreciate you.  Thanks for:

-Treating me with respect

-Letting me hangout with you guys

-Buying me food when I don’t have money or just because you’re that cool

-Helping me with bags, backpacks, etc, that I can’t carry

-Lending me a jacket/coat/sweatshirt when I need one

-Letting me beat you at any sports/games or at least letting me play

-Swingdancing with me even if you really want to dance with Hannah 😉

-Loving God

I would also like to thank all the men who serve at my church. Pastors, elders, deacons, volunteers, and even those who participate in corporate worship.  Thank you for loving the Lord.

Finally, to all the fahters (and mothers) who have raised such great men.  You did it right, good job.

You godly men are a blessing and a rarity.  You have had such a great impact on my life even if you don’t know it.  Our world needs more men like you.  Thank you.


What Every Young Woman Needs To Know


In the beginning, God created all things, and last of all, man and woman.  Humankind is special, because we were created in the image of God, he created us to reflect his character.  God didn’t make one gender-neutral person who reflected the whole of God’s character, he created male and female, each to reflect different aspects of himself.  Men he created to be powerful, protective, and to hold authority.  God created women to be life-giving, beautiful, and helpful.  Both people represent the image of God, they just do it in different ways.

When the first man and woman betrayed God in the garden of Eden, sin was brought into the world.  God told them how hard life was going to be, that work would no longer be pleasant and that pain and suffering would happen.  He told Eve that she would desire to rule over her husband.  After sadly giving Adam and Eve the news that life would no longer be perfect, God gave them hope.  He told them that a savior would come, who would bear the punishment for sin and bring about forgiveness and eternal life.

Fast forward to today, thousands of years after the fall of man happened.   In the United States, feminism is on the rise and people take longer than ever to become adults.  Marriage has been thrown away and gender is being neutralized.  In huge contrast to this is the Middle East, where women are treated as slaves and men have more power than they know what to do with.   Neither is what God intended for mankind.  However, we have a hope that overcomes the darkness of the world.  Jesus is our hope.

Two thousand years ago, Jesus the Christ came  to earth as a man, fully human, fully divine.  The only begotten Son of God descended from heaven to earth as and became a child, born in the humblest of places.  As a man, he worked miracles upon the earth and preached about the kingdom of heaven.  He healed the blind, freed people from demons, and even raised the dead.  His works brought hope to many, but he brought something more than miracles and words.  Jesus gave up his life and was crucified though he had committed no crime.  He had lived without a sin, yet he died bearing the weight of all people’s sin.  In the moment of his death, he broke the division that had been set up between God and man.  He was the perfect sacrificial lamb.  that was not the end of the story.

One day, a woman named Mary was going to the tomb of Jesus, a man whom she had believed was the Christ.  When she got there, she saw the stone rolled away from the entrance of the tomb, and no body inside.  She wept, believing that the body had been stolen.  A man came to her and revealed to her that he was Jesus, and had risen from the dead by the power of God.

This is the basis of our story, and is the reason I am writing this series.  I am writing to share the gospel and glorify God.  Young men and women need to know that there is hope for them in Christ.  They need to know that they have been redeemed, and if they accept that gift of redemption, that they become a child of God.

Acts 16:31 “If you confess with your mouth that Jesus is Lord, and believe in your heart that God raised him from the dead, then you will be saved.”