The Emerging Church


The emerging church is attempting to live in this post-modern culture by asking questions and changing the way the church worships, evangelizes, and sees community.  While some elements of this movement are positive, I believe that it is important for the emergent church to stay firm on the foundation of the Bible and salvation.

The emerging church is fond of challenging theology and basic doctrine, and the people within the “conversation” are fine with not knowing all the answers.  While it is important to question and deepen one’s faith, it is also important for one to stay within the limits of scripture in answering those questions, something that I am not sure all emerging churches do.  We cannot look to the world for answers, since it is fundamentally broken by sin.

What I appreciate about the emergent church is their emphasis on Christ being both transformational and relational, our Savior and friend.  I also love the ideas of transforming secular society and imitating Christ, which are two of the core doctrines of the emerging church.

Overall, I think that there are many good things about the emerging church, but I also think that those within this movement need to make sure that they are holding to scriptural authority and Biblically accurate theology.